Adorable granny

Hello friends,
This is just unbelievable .. I have completed my first granny squares blanket !!! Yes yess...With a tremendous effort i could finally complete this blanket. I started this in the month of february , just made few squares , then summer started and my entire energy went down, i was unable to hold this yarn , I kept everything in a bag and stopped crocheting, Here summer is veryyy veryy bad so I moved on to my paintings , also took some small hooky projects. Now the rains have started and the weather here has brought some cooling .A perfect time to start it again So I took my hook and this unfinished and tempting project in hand , According to my planning , I finished it before 10 days . Yesss that was unbelievable!!
Story of this blanket: 
In the month of May I visited my friend shree who came from US , at her mumbai residence, during that visit we both planned to give proper shape for this squares . That was like this..

So we needed 120 squares in total. We arranged their colours properly on the paper. But then  as i told you about summer, I did not touch them  , recently I took this blanket in hand , joined all the squares .

One by one , I joined them. I found it very interesting... 

I wanted this flower shape in the middle, And I could make it. Finally I finished my joining part and now the border was left. Sangeetha asked me to visit petals to picot , there , a new border pattern was introduced , amazing border pattern. I used that pattern for my blAnket and Yayyyy !!!!! Done !!!!!
My Adorable granny squares blanket is ready!!

I am really really happy now !! 
You tell me hows it????
I love hearing from you!!
Now its already 10.15 pm and time to go to bed.. See ya soon !!!
xo xo