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My Granny's Love

Granny squares can be used in countless ways. This time I have made this granny blanket. Its easy but not a quick project!! I almost took one week to complete it . Firstly I made small squares then joined them together and made granny belts and then again joined all the belts together. It was a great fun while doing !!
Recently I have joined a Group/ Event called crochet mood blanket CAL on FB . Loved their concept & I posted  this blanket there and surprisingly everybody appreciated  it . :) 
Thanks to all my FB & Insta friends for your likes and comments. I would like to give special Thanks to Ana BC for her pattern and guidelines . Do you want to see her blanket then visit HERE .It is worth watching her work and dedication & love for crochet :)

                                                         & The Final Product 

                                                           My Granny's Love
Now I'm signing off I am going on leave tonight to meet my old closed friends / bloggers friends... will have Fun /Chat / Gossips ;) & Foooooooooood ..Will catch you soon with pictures till then bbye and TC